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The Civil Lawsuit Steps

The Civil Lawsuit Steps

The Civil Lawsuit Steps


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  • David Strickland -

    I have a Client who refuses to pay. The amount is $4,500.00 + interest + service charges….it's been almost two years. QUESTION: Where do I start ? Do I get a form from the county, then fill it out, then submit it back to the Protonotary's Office ? or ?

  • Learning as I go -

    What the h** do you do when you've been turned into the township 16xs. My husband will be facing soon paying fines and court costs. Stuff like having a truck cap in the yard, but your other neighbors are allowed. They watch who comes to your house, what you do on your property. They take pictures what you have on your property. I got turned in for my chickens on there property. Got the ok to keep them from the ordinance officer complient with the rules. I moved the coop into the backyard. Weekend event they were pissed. Voice recording us, ect. He came over to the fence with our house deed. Took it over to the municipality because we don't have the 1acre. I was told anyone can publicly go online. But this was not a print out. It was a lagitiment document from when they lived here in 1975. I spoke to an attorney and he said too like the police, everything is legal what there doing. I called the police because I got tired of her opening and closing the blinds watching my husband and friend move an engine. The police questiond the neighbors but the wrong house! I spoke to the officer and he would not step foot on there property. I noticed the other night about 10inches to 2feet of our property is being sprayed with weed killer. There fence is right on the property line. God help us.

  • george A. -

    My wife left a last will and testament (several thousands of dollars) I was name sole beneficiary of her state. I was deported to El Salvador. But the attorneys have disappeared and I can find answers to what became of my wife's state can some one out there help me ? Please

  • Bobby Delgado -

    I sold a car to a family member and now he doesnt want to to pay for the car, after we wrote up agreements and shoke on it…plus he doesnt want to send me my plates, and hes running thru the tolls and we r gettin bill for it…

  • News Now Minnesota -

    My name is Roger Sondrol, I have been homeless for 22 year's, I had a nice home back in the early 90's but that all came to an end when I let a homeless Lady stay with me. About 2 week's after she was in my home I got home from work to find My Girlfriend and the homeless Lady drunk in My living room, I had something to eat and a couple beer's. That was about 5:30 and those two just started arguing, About what I can't remember. But the arguing was about to get violent so I told the homeless Lady to get out of My House, after telling her this several time's she left without any grabbing, About 5 hr's later as I was going to bed because I had to work in the morning there was a knock on My door, since I was not in bed yet I went to see who was at My door, in My underwear, I asked who is it? Willmar Police, We Know You have a Gun!!! Let Us In!!!! I didn't have a gun so I asked do You have a warrant? He said No. We Know You have a Gun Let Us In!!! I tell them as soon as You get a warrant I will let You in. Seeing it was 11:00 PM I figured it would take tell sometime in the morning to get it. So I was going to bed thinking the Cop's can't enter My Home considering the 4th Amendment and nobody was in danger in My Home I was going to bed. Before I got to My bedroom Crash and My living room filled with Cop's aiming Gun's at My Head Screaming get Your hands up!!!!! Get on the floor, Put Your hands behind Your back!!!! They handcuff My Girlfriend and Me. So I sit in jail about two week's and get the charges they have on Me. In all I had to sit in jail 33 days with My Home open for anyone to enter and walk off with anything they want, In order to get out of jail I would have to take a plea agreement for 5th Degree assault so I told the Judge those two was going to get into a fight in My living room so I grabbed the homeless Lady and pushed her out My door, it took a couple minutes but he accepted My plea, Time served no probation no fine. It was a long cold walk Home in My underwear. When I got to My Home it was ransacked, I asked the neighbor's how stole all My stuff? They said they thought I moved out and they don't remember how was at My house, So at this point I was a month behind on My rent. I lost My Job, So I had to search for a new job. The Landlord stop's over and tells Me, (We Don't want people like You Hear!) I lost everything that had of any value that was in My Home! TV, Play Station, about 45 games for it, My Curtis Mathes Stereo, Tackle Box and Fishing Rod, (Bait Caster) even My Alarm Clock, They left Me My dirty dishes still in the sink and empty beer bottles all over My Home. I have been homeless ever since


    My 7 year old autistic grandson reached out to touch Chuck E Cheese nose.  Chuck E abruptly slapped his arm.  My grandson held his arm where he was slapped, looked confused.. as every body laughed.  How do I sue Chuck E Cheese the corporation? Should I also file assault charges.

  • nutty nutts -

    Plz teach me how to sue a judge wv case 11-f-33 look at trascripts page and judge used 2 unlicensed certified people to claim I was incompetent I have doctor doing certificate of merit

  • Mark Cheverie -

    If I have a case against the owner and upper-management of a company for bullying/harassment.That company is part of a large corporation. What should I do to gain the largest settlement? Dealing with the owner and staff 1/1 is a losing battle, as they don't wish to cooperate or admit their faults. Should I seek legal council as I've spoke with the labor-board, human rights and service Canada and there's nothing they can help with. Small claims court may give me a victory, but the payout is far from what I feel I deserve.

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