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The Immigration Attorney Keeping Families Together

The Immigration Attorney Keeping Families Together

By most accounts, living in Georgia as an undocumented immigrant is exceptionally difficult. The state is notorious for having some of the strictest immigration laws in the country. But in the face of hopelessness, immigration attorney Pamela Peynado Stewart is there, ready to fight till the end. Born in the Dominican Republic and raised in New York City, Pamela witnessed firsthand the struggles families undergo when their loved ones are detained and deported. After witnessing the conditions her uncle faced while held by ICE at Georgia’s Stewart Detention Center, Pamela was fueled to attend law school. At 29, she became the youngest and only female partner in the history of her firm. Today, she works tirelessly defending the rights and the dignity of thousands of immigrants across the country.

In the spirit of the original defender, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Great Big Story is proud to celebrate the fearless, the headstrong and the undeterred with our series, “Defenders.” Watch the complete series now, and don’t miss the next televised release of CNN Films’ documentary, “RBG” on Monday, September 9 at 8 p.m. EST.


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  • Kevin Gonzalez -

    I'm studying to become an Immigration Lawyer and serve and protect my Hispanic people, I will be an Immigration Lawyer, with a military background, son of an Immigrant mother fighting to serve and help my people who are punish for over a dumb traffic ticket. You really inspired me!

  • Ashley Ponce -

    Right wing radicals are all butthurt and shit but like just think about how indigenous people felt when white people brought syphilis, got me fucked up

  • tdubduders -

    Oh boy….here comes the Leftist propaganda.

    If you Liberals love open borders than you should take your locks off your doors and matter fact, take your doors completely off and allow whoever, into your home and PAY FOR THEM. Don't make the people who have locks and doors, pay for your IGNORANCE!

  • MURPHY, M. -

    Hair, makeup & the majestic poses with dramatic camera angles …
    Boo hoo ~ if your clients have been here for DECADES, WHY DIDN'T THEY BECOME LEGAL AND LEARN THE LANGUAGE !? Guess none of HER family or friends, have been victimised or murdered by an ILLEGAL ALIEN.
    ICE ICE BAB!ES ~ keep up the good work. B U ! L D . I T & make our border strong w/ additional staffing & $$$.

  • Joshua S. -

    Very few people will see this comment and Y'all who do will troll me and call me trumpanzee, bot, ect, but I think people are sympathizing with the wrong people. All the attention goes to these illegal immigrants pouring into our country, while here in LA thousands of people are lying on the streets. I feel for these people but America has it's own problems to take care of like it's own people. CA is liberal and a sanctuary state and my beautiful CA has 115,000 homeless, with half a million in all in America. And there are many other problems to deal with. Is America really suited to accept so many people, specially illegal, at once? You be the judge

  • Its A Riddle -

    I agree with most going against the illegals. Even with there situations living illegally is never okay. It’s unfair for those that go through the hassle to live legally.

  • Matthew Cao -

    I can see the arguments that might happen in the comment section, and I beg you to remember. Argueing with a stranger online isn't going to change their opinion. Don't make fun of their grammar, don't insult them, don't barge them with your own opinion, because in reality both sides are just going to be angry with nothing changed.


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