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The Paralegal Profession: an insider’s perspective (career panel discussion)

The Paralegal Profession: an insider’s perspective (career panel discussion)

Hosted by GW Paralegal Alumni Association, GW Paralegal Student Association, GW College of Professional Studies (CPS) Office of Alumni Affairs and CPS Career Services, this panel discussion explored the breadth of the paralegal profession by comparing and contrasting various legal specializations and sectors. Panelists shared their experiences, discussed current trends and offered professional advice.

• Maria S. Bright, Paralegal Specialist, Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals
• Kathleen Crabtree, Paralegal, Exxon Mobil Corporation
• Pascalle Goddard, Senior Litigation Paralegal, Hollingsworth LLP
• Shahrzad Spieler, Senior Paralegal, Sterne, Kessler, Goldstein & Fox

• Tara Kim Eberhart, Senior Firmwide Paralegal Manager, McKenna Long & Aldridge LLP


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  • Reckless Savage -

    In Canada and UK, Paralegals can work independently from a lawyer and represent clients in court in Immigration, Family Law and Traffic Ticket cases. They also can work under the supervision of a Lawyer but it is not mandatory. In America, Paralegals do the same duties as what Law Clerks do in Canada and UK- they are not able to represent clients in court but are responsible for legal research, preparing bench memos, drafting orders etc. Legal Secretaries do mostly administrative duties such as scheduling appointments and handling the law firms communication like answering the phone and emails; they would be considered the lawyers "gofer" as most people say.

  • Mr. Hezlittusmc -

    If you volunteer for a public speaking event for a career panel discussion atleast add a Public Speaking course or two to your list of abilities. Kate did nothing but repeat herself. Very annoying. And prepare for it. Shauza and the oriental lady did great. But look at thier backgrounds.

  • Justin McGillivary -

    Great information! I too was in the Military and am using my G.I Bill to get an Associates at the moment while I pursue my career options. Paralegal seems to be work that I would enjoy and fits my personality and overall demeanor. Thank you for sharing this video, it is much appreciated.

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