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Thunder Bay Police Cyber Crime Unit 2015

Thunder Bay Police Cyber Crime Unit 2015

Learn more about our Cyber Crime Unit in this video!


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  • Kamaljit Singh -

    Hi sir I am frome 4258 west Figarden drive apt 135 Fresno California 93722 I give you. Sum information for sex cyber crime with kids and adults people living up stair this adress 4258 west Figarden drive apt 235 Fresno California USA 93722 white girl and fihlpino men black hat all the time make sex video with kids and adult and kills people give them poison thear car Honda Civic gray lic plate number is kg6 fgp if any body c this sms give to lic plate number to police or fbi the make video in morning and everyone watch this dirty people Honda Civic lic kg6fgp California USA

  • Jamie Young -

    I would feel like a Undercover John "Cop" in a prostitution sting if a woman or anyone for that matter tells me about child porn i would rat their names out & repeat everything they tell me too the police in 2 secs!!!I have a great track record of doing this!!!

  • Geoffrey Nicoletti -

    Attribution can be the issue, especially for the most advanced criminals…drug cartels, cyber banking thefts, nation-states. We must be able to solve the attribution in seconds. And if they launch APTs more than our system can handle…it's a bad day.

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