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Understand Criminal Law in 18 Minutes (Part I)

Understand Criminal Law in 18 Minutes (Part I)

If you kill someone while sleepwalking, are you guilty of murder? We explain the basic things/elements which have to be present for someone to have committed a crime and what the difference is between a crime and an attempted crime.

You’ll even understand what legally sufficient act (actus reus) and a “guilty mind” (mens rea) mean. This is a basic overview of the law, not legal advice.

This is part one of a five part series:
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  • pizza is life -

    So its not a crime if u were thinking about or didnt success on robbing if u were doing a crime but if u thinking about murdering and succeed then it is a crime ? I think I kinda understand

  • Prateek butolia -

    I really request you to answer my question …a friend of mine is stuck in a case where he is beaten because a friend of him murdered someone and because they both were friends also they are past friends they used to be friends a year ago and the murder took place 3 months ago , my friend was beaten by police badly because they were friends even he was not at all included in murder , even he didn't really knew about that murder anything, Is this correct ?? If not tell me the remedy he can take

  • QueenioSlime -

    mens rea: say you were in court for murder, and you had insanity issues, and you murdered with your insanity or mental issues, in your case or court day, you need to mention what issues you have and say " I need to let you know that i have mental issues and insanity. My insanity was very high and accidently murdered someone." that is not a crime because you didnt know you were going to do it. Actus reus on the other hand is like gor e.g im gonna kill that man today. Basically you know you were going to do it so therefore its Planned murder/robery and many other crimes

    BTW IM 11.

  • Kyle J -

    your bank robbery example for mens rea is more appropriate when related to actus reus. The act would be involuntary, bc someone could still have the proper mens rea when sleep walking if they knew of the disorder and knew the danger/frequency occurred and they didn't take preventive measures. The mens rea would be Reckless or Negligent at the very least.

  • Foo Ming -

    Selecting an appropriate kind of Criminal Defence lawyer for your case is not an easy task. Firstly you have to know about his working and practicing experience. Thanks for such a informative video from a Lehman point of view it is quite clear by this video.

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