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What is #1 Biggest Mistake You can Make When Applying for Social Security Disability?

What is #1 Biggest Mistake You can Make When Applying for Social Security Disability?

What evidence do you need to prove to the Social Security Administration that you are disabled? Many people lose otherwise winnable cases because they do not fully understand how Social Security defines the term “disability.”

In this video, I discuss many of the mistaken ideas about disability that I often hear. Disability can mean different things depending on who you are speaking with, but if you are trying to win benefits from the Social Security Administration, disability has only one definition. Watch this video and keep this definition in mind and you will be much more effective when filling out SSA’s forms and when you testify in court.

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25 Comments - Leave a Comment
  • 4U2NVJEWELRY 2 -

    I'm going to be attending my hearing on may 21st. Needless to say, I'm extremely nervous. I'm under psychiatric care, psychiatric care, and just this past few years my back has been getting worse and worse. I'm also under the care of a neurosurgeon. I'm depressed most of the time, and when I'm not, and I go someplace I immediately start panicking and the anxiety it totally is in control of me .
    I'm petrified of the upcoming hearing. I'm nervous about this vocational person they are going to have there.
    As you can see I'm all over the place.
    Thanks for letting me vent. If you could help one person with all the information you have and explain it to us… then please keep it coming, because I'm at least that one person who has each and every one of your videos! It helps me to understand and to know what to expect.
    Kudos to you Sir.

  • Scott Reeves -

    Does being a reliable employee mean not abruptly quitting after six months because social anxiety builds over time and eventually overwhelms you so that you walk away without giving any notice? And doing that with basically every job that you have? I mean, what if you can work consistently and adequately for months at a time, all the while feeling a slowly building anxiety that eventually makes you abruptly quit your job and damn the consequences to your life? And you do the same with your next job, and your next…


    Thank you Attorney Ginsberg, I've applied twice and been turned down both times. I have been chronically ill since 1988. I find your videos informative and insightful as to how the system works. Thank you for your valuable information.

  • Myrna Ortiz -

    Please if you can, can you go over what one has to do when the time comes to be reinstated for ssd. My time is coming soon. Thank you for your time and help.

  • Aaron's YouTube Channel -

    Very impressed with your video's. I have filed for SSD recently. After seeing a relative battle for 3 years for it. I have sought professional advice, and found it hear.

  • Brandon Manuel -

    I had a very good lawyer. I got approved for Social Security disability my first try. FYI: make sure you keep seeing your doctor because you WILL get a Social Security disability update form to fill out later on.

  • Jennifer Johnston -

    I've been trying to get disability since 2011. At my last hearing, the vocational person said that, due to my disability claims, that I am unhirable. I was still denied. I also lost my appeal due to my attorney being incompetent. I then talked to a different attorney and he advised that I needed to refile. Again I was denied and I'm now waiting for another hearing. I am 45 years old. I have severe depression and anxiety and have debilitating panic attacks. I also have degenerative disk disease, fibromyalgia, arthritis up and down my entire spine, bulging disk, my cspine is straight instead of curved and both of my knees are going out on me. I am on blood thinner for the rest of my life due to Pulmonary Embolism and DVT. Also, I did attempt suicide one time. With all of these problems, I don't understand how they could deny me.

  • war dawg -

    im a veteran 45 yrs old from Ohio, had 2 kids to raise and 2 step kids to raise, the mental illness crept up on me through the years i guess and i had to hide it from everyone, employers, wife, kids, extended family and friends, and my parents,,,, its been 7 years since ive worked, it is mostly out in the open of my conditions, my trash can has become full and can no longer hide this illness, i have been in a psychiatric hospital a couple yrs ago, followed up with therapist, moved to Ohio to be closer to family, and i still have been following up with therapists monthly,, ive been telling myself and my wife who has lost faith in me to work and perform, i have fought her against going on disability , i just cant come to accept the mental illness disability diagnosis,,, now i am faced with either applying for disability or lose my wife,,, (divorce) not sure what to do or who to turn to,,,, most days id rather give up, and end it all than continue,,, but i keep fighting back the tears and pain and indignity of it all, i live my life in a 10 by 12 bedroom mostly, i cant go out in public or around much of my family, heavily medicated, cry for hours at a time several times a day, cant drive anymore and riding is just as painful with the anxiety and panic attacks overcoming me, nightmares and voices ,, can i win disability on diagnosis, of Bipolar, PTSD, Anxiety and Panic Attack Disorder, Insomnia , extreme Depression, Paranoia, ect. ?

  • Frances Wiggins -

    I have been in the health care industry for the past 35 years both as a treating physician (I am a retired Chiropractor) as well as writing Evaluations of Impairment for Social Security, Work Comp and Personal Injury.

    I just wanted to take a moment to let you know I find your work both informative as well as insightful. I refer my social security clients to your channel for additional information. Thanks so much for your input. I hope they call.

  • Al E -

    For a year I've looked for the download link for your "“Secrets of Getting Approved” Survival Kit.
    There is no link there! Why do you tell us there is?

  • Peter Cardone -

    One thing you need to explain..How can you defend an applicant when the judge and the Voc expert go out if their way to deny a person by ignoring medical evidence and all eveidence that proves your case? When The Vocational expert says that you cannot do any of your previous work, and then proceedss to state you can do some job that's even more taxing on any of your disabilities.

  • rose red -

    Hearing the Vocational Expert tell the judge that there were no jobs available that I could perform because of the limitations of my disability was the first moment during the hearing that I could actually breathe. It felt like I had been holding my breath through the entire process. And it really did seem to make a difference once she said it because after that, the judge's questions turned towards pain management and how much my illnesses limit me where the first part of the hearing seemed to focus on what I was still capable of and how I could make adjusts to keep working.

  • Melvin Wagner -

    I was working and was hurt, my knee blew out and I had to have a replacement. I was sixty four at the time I "retired" because I couldn't do that work anymore. I took my SS at reduced amount, because I "retired" earlier than I could have. My question, Now that I have already starting receiving SS and have not claimed disability, can I now try to get my disability SS payment, or is that gone for me?

  • Kristy Sokoloski -

    Have you ever done cases in Jacksonville, FL?

    Also, how come so many that are on unemployment and then that benefit runs out they go for the process of getting disability benefits? Because I have heard this before about those going from the unemployment benefit straight to Social Security Disability.

  • Blue street -

    That describes me perfectly !! I've tried to think of any work I can do without being fired within a month for being late, or not being able to stand any longer etc.. and sadly there is nothing for me. every morning I'm frozen in pain and it takes awhile to get up , if I can at all !!

  • Lovenpain -

    Great video! I got done with my second hearing on march 3. Now waiting for the judges decision. Very scared that I might loose. But I do have a lawyer that had been with for the past two years out of 5 years that I haven't worked. Just it's taken so long to get this decision and I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. Anyways, I've watch most of your videos and it helped me cope with process. Thank you for sharing your experience with us! 🙂

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