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What is a General Practice Attorney?

What is a General Practice Attorney?

I am often asked by potential clients and friends: “What is a general practice attorney?”

While the Florida Bar Exam still requires lawyers to have knowledge of several areas of the law, once they pass the Bar most attorneys limit their practice to just a couple of areas.

Think of a general practice attorney like you think of your general practice doctor. Your doctor is equipped to diagnose and treat many everyday illnesses and injuries. General practice doctors are your go-to person when you or a family member doesn’t feel well.

The same concept applies to general practice attorneys. They are skilled in several different areas of the law. Their practice succeeds and fails based on referrals and repeat business. And they are the go-to people when something bad happens to you.

I encourage you to seek out general practice attorneys to answer your legal questions. If they can’t handle your issue themselves, they can still be a good source for a referral to a specialist, just like your general practice doctor.

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