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What is a Paralegal?

What is a Paralegal?

Brief video lecture by David Jaroszewski, Director of Paralegal Studies at Lee College, Baytown, Texas.


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  • Obie drier -

    My degree in biology would help me be a good para legal with regard to research. In biology I did so much of that in all my classes, I was taught to dig and dig, you can never dig enough ……..

  • Matthew Sweeting -

    Research what it is to be a paralegal in Ontario Canada. Paralegal operate on their.own and hold their own legal license and are permitted to, "offer legal services in a permitted limitted scope of.practise." We.can offer representatiom without supervisuon of a lawyer, and in cases can give legal advice. I should note i am only a.paralegal student in Ontario.

  • learn languages -

    I have a question about degree (in this case it is a minor in paralegal studies 30 hours) or a paralegal studies technical certificate (21 hours, a year in time span ) which would be better for me to pursue?  it will be  coupled with a Bachelor's  degree in foreign languages.

  • Kevin Cruz -

    I am interviewing for a Bilingual Hotline Paralegal position, so hope I nail it. I have my BA in Latin America Studies and Sociology, have Americorps/Non-Profit experience thus cool entry level as well as understand where I can continue serving a community. Thus, any advice for that interview?

  • Jim Flask -

    "ignorance of the law is no excuse" everyone is expected to know and understand every rule, code, bylaw, ordinance, statute, regulation, meanwhile no lawyer, paralegal, judge, attorney, know how many statutes codes or regulations there is, they aren't taught in law school 20 million codes and regulations, if they attempt to teach you every statute and subsection in the US Code no one would ever graduate, yet the layman is expected to know all of it, while juggling a job, family life, and between paying bills, buy corpus juris secundom, American juris prudence, words and phrases, pleadings and practices, which cost God knows how many fortunes some costing upwards of 10k each, not to mention access to lexis nexis case laws, subscription is over $350 month probably, then shepardise those cases, all while staying on top of the very rare repeal and the ever present new statute, and the 10,000 new regulations everyday coming down the pike, while they change the code all the time and reword or altar definitions, it becomes painfully obvious that "ignorance of the legal is an excuse" either the game is rigged to be impossible for the average man understanding or "ignorance of the law is no excuse" means something else, they never mention what type of law is no excuse to ignore, there is family law, contract law, corporate law, admiralty law, maritime law, criminal law, bankruptcy law, private law, probate law, banking law, estate and trust law, law of the land, martial law, God's law, law of physics, gravity, natural law, constitutional law, rule of law, something else must be going on because this is impossible for any layman, is it ethical to use 20 million codes to create obligations on the layman who is never even taught what a contract is (or 5 elements of a contract) in public schools?, I think you know my answer without saying, so what is really going on, it's it the gate keepers withholding the keys to knowledge while everyone is expected to understand the secrets locked within? Is it just job security for lawyers, judges and clerks? does any of this crap even apply to man? Anyone who takes the time to understand this by the time they are old and wasted their whole life understanding some garbage antiquated legal system they will never have a chance to use it because the pharmaceutical companies who kill them off as quickly as possible, and that's if they take doctors "advice", I'm sure my comment will probably be blocked and I'm just wasting my time, but my closing statement is a quote from tacitus – "the more corrupt the state the more numerous it's laws"

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