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What is an Estate Plan, vs. a Trust, vs. a Will? Legalese in Plain English – Shadi Shaffer; Esq

What is an Estate Plan, vs. a Trust, vs. a Will? Legalese in Plain English – Shadi Shaffer; Esq

In this segment/video Shadi explains the terminology and differences between an “estate plan,” “trust” and “will.” She clarifies what these terms mean and how they work together and the differences between them. Shadi explains why some people only have a Will and why when you have a Trust you still have a Will. She explains how an “estate plan” is a series of legal documents that in most cases consist of a Trust, Will, and other legal documents relating to your family, assets, and estate in general.

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  • Linda G. -

    Go to a lawyer to set this up, not a company like CLA estate planners, they are scam outfit, that have you come to a luncheon with a bunch of other poor fools that think this it is legit. My FIL went through this CLA group and since his death it has been one huge nightmare…the CLA people tell us to see a lawyer, they can''t answer one question… avoid them like the plague.My father ln law was convinced by these people that all was taken care of…

  • David Johnson -

    You made these issues as clear as mud. I am no less confused than I was before, but I do have a will and the other aforementioned documents. I know my situation is complex, but I need to know that m estate isn't going to my partners wife (who I have never meet in 28 + years of being together). In this relationship, I'm the one with assets, that I don't want to have passed on to his wife, that I've never been introduced to.

  • Judgment Proof -

    I don't like that idea of a trust. A trust means you turn the ownership of your assets and your money over to someone else to do with as they want. Trustees are also known to steal. Nope, not for me

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