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What is Family Law

What is Family Law

Brief video lecture by David Jaroszewski, Director of Paralegal Studies at Lee College, Baytown, Texas.


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  • Paralegal Cherry -

    Great information. I've been watching some videos preparing myself to further my career in my passion. I must say awesomeeeeee job sir. Thanks fot sharing. I want to be in family law because like you said any area ties into it, especially litigation and criminal. Most importantly the court appearances in general. Thanks again

  • WilliamAries73 -

    Courts have no business in family matters.! Family law destroys family's & in-slaves men & prisoners.! No respect for any one who works in family court.! SHARKS.!!!!

  • Patrick Sok -

    I enjoy watching your videos when I want to take a break from reading dense outlines. It provides a good overview picture of what I am studying. Thanks for making the videos!

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