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What is Intellectual Property Rights? Why Should I Care? By Saurabh Lal in hindi

What is Intellectual Property Rights? Why Should I Care? By Saurabh Lal in hindi

In this video Mr. Saurabh Lal, a well known Intellectual Property Attorney talks about IPR and why you should pay attention to this?

Watch this video if you’re looking for…
Intellectual Property or IP
Intellectual Property Rights or IPR
Importance of Intellectual Property
Why you need Intellectual Property Rights
Importance of Intellectual Property for Business

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  • Shivani Singh -

    Thank you so much SR actually is question ko padh kr hi mujhe dar lag rha tha baar _baar aak hi question ko pending me rakh rhe thi thnx u so much SR aap ne bhut ache se samjhne ke liye 😁😁

  • Shipra Sharma -

    The solution is the β€˜idea’ and protection under patent law does not require that the invention be represented in a physical embodiment. Please tell what does it mean by physical embodiment?

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