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What is Litigation?

What is Litigation?

(Orlando, Florida) Florida business litigation, trust & estate litigation attorney Reed
Bloodworth answers the question: What is litigation?

Learn all about what happens in a legal case. Whether you go to court, whether you are sued, whether you are a plaintiff or a defendant, you should have a basic understanding of what happens in a litigation situation.

What does the term “litigation” mean?

Reed walks you through the terms and explains step by step what can happen in a given legal situation.

You hear the term and you know that there is a legal case and a courtroom, but how does litigation move forward?

Is litigation a lawsuit? Is litigation a legal term? What does litigation involve exactly?

Litigation is a formal court process where one party attempts to enforce or defend its legal rights against another party in a lawsuit.

There are many types of litigation including:
– There’s criminal litigation
– There is bankruptcy litigation
– Family law litigation
– Business litigation
– Trust and estate litigation
– Personal injury litigation

Even a simple litigation case can often times go for a year. More complex litigation cases often go two or three years. This can become expensive and a legal battle will need to be paid for with reasonable expectations and outcomes.

Here are the Stages of Litigation:
– The Pleading Stage
– Motion to Dismiss
– The Discovery Stage
– Written Discovery
– Request for Production
– Interrogatories
– Request for Admissions
– Depositions
– Dispositive Motion Stage
– Motion for Summary Judgment
– Issues of Law
– Ruling
– Trial Stage
– Bench Trial or Jury Trial
– Settlement
– Mediation

Throughout the litigation process you can attempt settlement discussions with the other side. Mediation often occurs toward the end but this is an option from start to end of the litigation process.

If you have a legal situation or a pending lawsuit whether you’re a plaintiff or a defendant in business, trust, probate and estate, talk with an experienced litigator.

Work with someone you have referrals for, have read reviews and have spoken with at length about your case. Move forward with clear goals and outcomes and options from the attorney you will hire.

Reed Bloodworth is the founding partner of Bloodworth Law, PLLC. Give Reed a call to talk about what happened to you at 407-777- 8541 or contact [email protected]
Bloodworth Law, PLLC, is located at 224 E. Marks Street, Orlando, Florida, 32803.


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    why do judges decide to take things to trial? why wouldn't a judge say "you guys, your facts are wrong, Here I'll give this back to you. fix it!"?

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