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What is the difference between civil cases and criminal cases?

What is the difference between civil cases and criminal cases?

Learn the difference between civil cases and criminal cases.


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  • hotlips52 -

    What crap. it is the difference between legal and lawful, to break the law is to commit a crime. to break legislation is an offence as there is no victim. that's why its offensive hence called an offence. one is government court and the other is the people court, thus a jury. hence the people vs O J Simpson case. all legislation is civil law, the government even employed its own lawyers called the police. or government policy enforcer. they claim legislation is the law but the government will never enforce it for you, only against you. thus you only have rights if you can afford to enforce them AKA get your own policy enforcer / lawyer. I find it incredible that the government call legislation law, is legislation given the force of law by the consent of the governed or is it made law by the consent of the governed….. thats right force of law, not making it law. the things they dont want you to know. lol. legal government , lawful is the people, and oh yeah, the common law or peoples law stands with or with out government legislation. if the government fell tomorrow There would be no offences but there would still be crimes and a court to prosecute law breakers. its to make you feel as though you are truly dependant on government, no government no law. or so they want you to believe. to get power over you, they will never accept that you have not consented to being governed (signed the electoral register form). because to live lawfully without legal grants you freedoms against the rich. no longer can it be their legally owned land and you can live on any land you like and build a house, or spend your entire life in full time employment paying for a house you could build yourself in 5 year max. in england the first land registry was called by the people (the dooms day book.)

  • matthew asher -

    All crimes are sins but not all sins are crimes how can you tell the difference? It is in the Declaration of Independence of the United States of America it is a secret code that has been given It is on you tube the formula of life under name matt asher.

  • quaqmireful -

    Say, if a person is considered guilty in a civil case, does it make him a criminal?
    — is he/needed required to declare as such in, say, 'criminal charges' column in the job employment form?

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