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Why a Lawyer Will Not Take Your Case

Why a Lawyer Will Not Take Your Case

I wish I could help every Social Security disability applicant who contacts me about his/her pending claim.

Unfortunately I cannot represent every potential client who calls me.

In this video I discuss many of the factors that cause me to decline representation and the factors I look for in cases that I want to take.

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43 Comments - Leave a Comment
  • Twistid Sinner -

    got lone Star legal today at 9 ssa in lufkin handed me a sheet with one business on it i have more information to give at nine 1099 no technical denial 623,social anxiety and depression

  • Jemallyn Ramos -

    Will I'm younger 39 years old & have a kidney disease & on PD dialysis doing 4x a day exchanges. Would you take my case?

  • Bobbi Marvel -

    I am curious why an attorney would take my case, sign a contract with me, spend hours going over my medical records, then 2 weeks before the hearing he tells me that he didn't think I had a great case so I fired him and went to the hearing alone.  I am just disgusted with this.  I was furious because at our first meeting he acted like I had a great case but then as the hearing got closer he said he would get my medical records but DID NOT, I tried to talk to him about all of the medical problems I have and all the places where I regularly treat and he didn't care to listen.  I decided to go to the hearing alone.  It's been a few months and my case is still pending but am very curious why an attorney would do this?  Thank you.

  • Tanny O'Haley -

    I applied in 2015 when I was 59 years old. I have Parkinson’s and after five months I was denied.

    It took me a long time to get a lawyer because every lawyer I talked to said I needed to be going to a doctor several times a week. With Parkinson’s you see a doctor every 3 to 6 months. Through a referral, I finally found an attorney who took my case. After looking at my information which included a letter from my neurologist who specializes in movement disorders she did not understand why my case was denied.

    After getting the case reopened the appeal was filed September 2016, it was internally denied October 2016, QA told them they need to re-look at the case, I was approved November 2016, and received my back payments in December 2016.

    Part of the problem is that I did not know in California to be more successful I should have applied for state disability first. I still do not understand why other attorneys would not take my case because they thought that I should see a doctor multiple times a week for Parkinson’s. As you can see it was an easy case to win as I first started having symptoms in 1996 though I wasn’t diagnosed with Parkinson’s until 2013. I believe the doctors letter made a big difference. They originally had information from the doctor, but not a letter.

    I wish Social Security had done their job the first time so I didn’t have to pay an attorney $6000 to get benefits. According to their website at the time I had more than enough symptoms to qualify for SSDI benefits.

  • Dave Cole -

    I'm broke my neck C4 C5 C6 lucky the alive not to mention in a wheelchair… Podiatry the operation my legs cramp my hands cramp in my thighs cramp my toes my feet both hands I have no feeling in one thumb?? And sometimes my right and left hand goes completely numb also my shoulders my back my neck my lower back really hurt

  • Unknown -

    Mr. Ginsberg, if what you allude to about Obstructive and Restrictive Asthma ( doesn't hold merit or isn't a bonafide disease for the purpose of a meritorious and favorable disposition for the claimant ) is indeed fact then one might want to commit treason against the state for abandoning them as that is fighting words to anyone reasonable with said disease.

  • Eddie Johnson -

    Why does lawyers not help by sending client to doctors to help with their case? For instance if a person can't afford insurance or doesn't have a doctor? How much does it help your case if you go to the emergency room?

  • John Schwartz -

    One of the reasons I have realized a certain degree of success is that unlike an attorney, I can not get disbarred! lol [Just waiting to be charged in some state for the, 'unlicensed practice of law'].
    Peace and Love!

  • John Schwartz -

    With communication skill and an understanding of the way this system works, a determined person should be able to get their benefits WITHOUT an attorney. the folks I have helped, (Certain friends and a relative), got their benefits the first time around!
    Peace and Love!

  • Rick Steinhoff -

    I got SSD 4 6 months then I said I don't need it now I need it again how hard is it to get it back

  • eddie seaberg -

    What if you have severe visual impairments and you only have to go to the doctor once a year for the last 30 years. And that's all you can to because there is no treatment options available for the impairments?

  • irishbreakfast -

    no approval means lawyer wont get paid. they don't want to take losing cases. they want your 6000 bucks out of your backpayments.

  • Aprile Santos -

    I had a stroke due to a blood clotting disorder I was 31 when it happened I was denied would you take my case

  • memelive137 -

    Hi I'm a 46 year old female,I have a # of problems with health.I have'nt worked since 96(I had a preterm child w/C.P.) so I stayed home with her.6 years later I had another child.Since those times I was in several car accident(some my fault,others were'nt) Anyway my health info.. I have sleep Apnea,Fibromyagia ,Hep C, I've had 16 Cystoscopes,11 Lithotripes,2 knee surg.,2 back surg(Discectomies)Gall bladder,and Hysterectomy. I have had 7 our 8 shot in both knees and 14 Dual Nerve Blocks for Spondylothesis.My Ortho said I need a knee replacement in my left knee and My Neuro. wants me to have Spinal Fusion.My Ear,Nose and Throat Dr. says I need septoplasty turbinate reduction. I have taken serious meds. for years(I take 5 percocet 10 aday,2 300 Lyrica,3 350 Soma) I'm an overweight light smoker.With immune problems ,I very scared to have more surgeries.Can you give me your opinion on whether I would be able to get SSI? I'm sorry this is so long,but I really need help. Thank you in advance.

  • Debra Johnston -

    If someone does not have a case, they do not have a case. Some people can not or will not face facts.

  • SweetP4real1 -

    I have an attorney out of Durham NC she told me she wouldn't have taken my case if she didn't think I have a winnable case. That sounded good but I'm still nervous that I am in an uphill battle for about 2 to 3 years.

  • tenskys -

    I was kidding sir! I am a huge fan of your videos, I have listened to all you advice and won my case…i truly appolagize if I offended you however you seem to get do many official questions I thought I'd try to get a smile..i am very sorry

  • Zoran Kafadar -

    This country is Devil country…they give to lazy people about $ 2000 per month,but if you apply for some big problems!! They need 2-3 years to answer !!! How people can live 2-3 years without money????? This country is Babylon not great USA !!! America will help us if we decide to die !!!!!¡ What is wrong with this country? If I live in Africa , they will help me more then this the greatest country in the world???????????

  • Judgment Proof -

    If you're younger than 45, you could become a ward of the state if you're a victim of child abuse and you must be in long-term care after rescue. Someone can sign you up for pre-release SSI or you could even get it right after your rescue since someone must pay for your care when you become a ward of the state as a minor. You can end up keeping your SSI for life in these types of cases

  • dogsareme100 -

    Would you be more likely to take case if say the person paid you up front for some reason? Maybe they had been saving ( especially if they knew it may come to that. They may have OTHER income have someone help them pay or whatever to where there is not concern of not getting paid.

  • Terry Jeminez -

    I made a comment earlier on my case I've had an SSI before him but they denied me I've had cancer breast cancer I've had anxiety and I'm still seeing the same Dr so they they found me with other prob health problems that's what I forgot to mention thanks

  • Tj Wakefield -

    Just an update I went to court today and I won fully favourable just do what ur lawyer says and tell the truth

  • Deeper Understanding -

    Thanks for the videos. Do you take sacroiliac joint dysfunction cases? Also, if you have, any success?

  • Ms. Fancy -

    oh my Goodness !!! you live in Atlanta !!! …. just as I was getting comfortable…I hope to find a social security attorney as helpful as you are !!!!! your videos are very informative and take the fear of the SSI procedures…. I'm over 55 …. any OUTSTANDING recommendations on lawyers in South Jersey?

  • Tj Wakefield -

    it was for mild cp but its causing me more problems like my limps getting worse and my hands draw up like im making a fist and i have back issues that makes it hard to sit for a long time i go to court july 10th ur videos are a big help thanks

  • Tj Wakefield -

    You said if your only 30 years old u have a up his battle does it help if you got SSI as a child

  • Candie Komorowski -

    I had my alj hearing in January now ive heard that i have to go back for a supplemental hearing. They say this time an md will be present is this good or bad? Anything i can do before this 2nd hearing to help my chances? I already had 2 rfcs from my docs at the 1st. Been seeing docs almost every other day. Maxed out all my treatment options. SSA listed 3 mdis all severe impairments. I have fibro ptsd depression neck bent the wrong way bugled discs spinal stenosis scolisis leg length difference cfs migraines severe back pain bi polar ibs d probably forgetting some

  • Debbie Horne Martens -

    hi, I have had 4 ankle surgeries finally resulting in a total ankle fusion. along with bipolar and being 45 but with a college education do I have a honest chance? it's been over 3 years since able to work heck haven't been able to drive. any help pointing me in the right way would be great, I've been applying and am now at the point of waiting for my hearing within 9 months. I haven't when thru a lawyer yet but am considering it.

  • mark thrasher -

    Im not grateful, I applied on-line for consultation and got a call the next day from Attorney Stuart Barrasch who rudely interupted me in mid-conversation an barked "you don't have a case" and "your chances of winning are next to zero" and "you need to work on getting better so you can return to work" and nearly hung the phone up on me. I never had a more disturbing phone exchange in my life. This Ginsburg guy might try to look and sound good on Youtube but I would strongly advise not to call his firm!

  • Colleen kennedy Flippinmama -

    I was just denied 🙅‍♂️. I'm a 55 year old woman who has worked in the hospital for 25 years was terminated in August. I had total right knee replacement surgery in which my knee is slightly
    Bent so I couldn't do my job I'm a unit clerk in the intensive care unit for babies we do more cleaning than computer work. I am wondering what you thought about my case if it's worth pursuing. I walk with cane because I'm unstable but my dr in his notes says I seem to be on track. My knee will be like this forever it's healed but it pops and hurts still, had MRI of lower back but degenerated low back, have sleep apnea, anxiety, renal n spleen aneurysms,lil overweight going for GB in June. I've gone most of 2016 to physical therapy. Is it worth appealing. Love your videos

  • Karen Davis -

    hi I live in SC. I have chronic venous insufficiency with ulceration the also has been opened on my leg for 2 years had surgery in September ( stab phelbectomy with partial skin grafts. what do I do? I have filed for disability in South Carolina.

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