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Why I am an estate planning attorney

Why I am an estate planning attorney

I think it’s important for people to know why I’m an estate planning attorney. It’s more than just tax avoidance and giving away your stuff.

This is why I chose to become an estate planning attorney:

  1. Because I get the opportunity to have lifelong clients.

  2. Because I get to help families protect themselves.

  3. Because I get to help business owners protect their interests.

  4. Because I get to help people create limitless opportunity.


  • Christopher Small knows how to help people get rich and live forever. He is more than just an estate planning lawyer. He wants to help you create legacy.

That’s what The #RichLifeLawyer Show is all about. It’s his way of providing awesome value for free. The goal of this show is to give you life hacks that will help you build wealth, create generational wealth, and protect your family.

You’ll find information here on estate planning, financial planning, productivity, finance, self-improvement, family protection, tax avoidance, and anything else Christopher thinks will help improve your quality of life (and after-life).

Christopher is a Bellevue estate planning lawyer with CMS Law Firm LLC. He is a speaker, a blogger, a husband, a father, a golfer, and really good at helping people create the life of their dreams.

Find Christopher here:


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