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Workers Comp Settlement Calculator – What Is My Case Worth?

Workers Comp Settlement Calculator – What Is My Case Worth?

Workers Comp Settlement Calculator

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The TWO MOST COMMON questions I get from injured people are “Do I have a good case?” And “What is my case worth?”

In this video I explain how insurance companies, lawyers and juries decide HOW MUCH A CASE IS WORTH.

In other words, WHAT INFORMATION do we need to decide how much a case is worth?

Are there things we can do to INCREASE THE VALUE of the case?

Or even LOWER THE VALUE of the case?

Super important information for you to have, so enjoy the video! 🙂

Thanks for Watching!

Questions? Give me a Call at 1-888-HURT-318 1-888-487-8318

Your Friend,
Scott D. DeSalvo
Injury and Accident Lawyer


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  • george vala -

    I have a workers comp but i think my lawyer has been corrupt whit insurance What if a private investigator in mind that find out my lawyer has been corrupted whit insurance whats gonna happen whit my case ???

  • Grisel Gonzalez -

    I been off from work for 1 year already and I'm still waiting. I have restrictions, and lately I noticed that the way I walk cause me back pain and my right hand and arm been affected by the walking stick that I'm using. I never received any weekly payment from them. I am a single mother is impossible to have rest so my pain never stop and I'm wondering what is going to happen, I'm so stressful and depressed. I can't do nothing like I used to with my kids I haven't been able to takes them out.😢😡

  • Devin hall -

    I live in NC, was out for about a month. workers comp. hasnt helped at all and now they are trying to close my case. I ended up leaving the job shortly after due to the situation. Cant seem to get ahold of any lawyer who will even talk to me.

  • richard whittington -


  • Marcel Francisco -

    I was working at a construction site. Due to the hot weather, I got dehydrated and fell down. I had to be hospitalized. Will I get workers compensation for my injury and medical bills?

  • Jose Mexicano -

    necesito tus servicios , pero antes debes de ver mi video de youtube esta en mi pajina si no buscalo se llamado "buscando un abogado" de jose mexicano espero tu respuesta gracias

    I need your services, but before you should see my youtube video is in my page if you do not look for it called "looking for a lawyer" by jose mexican I hope your answer thanks

  • Dana bilyk -

    I've been out for 4 months so far. I'm having a spinal fusion surgery next week and will be out at least 3 more months. My pay rate is $10.50/hr a work week of about 55-60 hrs a week. I'm a driver and had an accident in the company van. The accident was my fault. I'm just looking for a ball park figure and also a time line.

  • Lee harrison -

    Scott,I was hurt on the job,had surgery received benefits but never recovered and was terminated(as an employee and benefits cut off)when I reached full MMI.The doctor released me from his care with permanent restrictions(no lifting over 10lbs)I've been without income since July of 2015.Do I have a strong case?

  • jnandthecats -

    You didnt answer the question on how to calculate a general amount. You only listed the elements needed but not how to calculate. You went into your sales pitch .

  • Blessing -

    Dearest I I have a claim here in Japan. I am a brasilian citizen
    I got Hurt in Job So, I am facing so many Discriminations, I am well
    documented But my Lawyer is not qualified to handle this case I
    am helping him Acting as a Paralegal.full time 24 Hours
    becouse I need to think alot too much how to win the LSO Office work
    Compensation. I am in a full panic becouse all they do to delay
    the situation at their favour is to send papers and papers . and
    asking bullshit in their letters.
    I got a head fibula brocken and many outhers injury in my knee becouse i hada had many medical malpractice since my injury start.
    I have alot of medical records and medical second Opnion and Cds, MRI etc….
    But, they try to make me believe that i have not an injury. they creat an imaginary situation where i cant fight against this system..
    Now I try to write a defense letter becouse they says that they dont recognise the illness < Herniated Disc in connection with fibula , hast any connection with Fibula injury.
    I got Hurt in Job in 18 02 2103 since than I longstanding too much I cant Stop to do a < Voluntary paralegal work > becouse of lack of skills of my lawyer. SO I am to change the way to fight. I am now trying to USe >a Affidavit – Summons etc… why ? becouse this is the best way to try finish this case . if we do what the LSo want than we will remains for decades rrrsrsrsrrsrsrrsr5555 changing letters.
    I told My lawyer to just send Affidavit , just it , no more medical reports, no more any outhers kind of letters becouse the LSo already have all my medical Reports so we dont need to send what they ask me for….
    I am in a general panic I am trying to get a job at night becouse during the day and night or 24 hours I need to think how to survive from this Sharp attach.

    I d like to have some help fro USa lawyers becouse I can see that exist some good specialist that can help me .
    now we are going to court to settlement> I will win I never Give Up But this is a full Time pain and panic………..becouse governor try to protect criminal peoples like employeers.. unbeliveable ……thanks sorry for the poor english I am improving !!!

  • lolly loll -

    In california on a C and R, the insurance comp is offering $20K for a bad knee, future medical, bad wrist, no future, future earnings capacity, age 54, and one year of tylenol and codeine. is that about the average amount. thanks

  • Hever Morales -

    I broke my left lateral ankle (tibia) had two surgeries 1) fix the bone 2) Remove hard ware. They did not take me back at work. It is almost two years ago, impairment rate was 8% did get a little money, my ankle is not good yet, work three days a week on not regular basis. I do reopened my case, because wanna see the Dr, making sure I'm not developed arthritis, I'm fight the insurance adjuster to set me up a doctor' s appointment. Why is it so hard to find a worker's comp lawyer? Thanks

  • Michael Ramos -

    Jan 29 2015 I fell 15 feet on to a 1/2 steel plate. I landed on my hip side of my knee and elbow. As a result I had knee irritation, broken ileum 3 pieces and a broken clavicle. I have sustained spinal compression to my lower spine I have also sustained 3 DVT's in my legs since to date. No surgery to the broken bones was done, ileum is not aligned where it was and I have to adjust my walking behaviors. I haven't run since. I was lucky I was told. The crack did not enter the ball and socket of my hip. No surgery was done to my clavicle nor a brace applied. It healed but is not aligned where it normally is. It also re injured a past injury to my radial cuff, limiting my arm motion  It has recovered 90% from where it was before the fall. The doctor assigned did an excellent job providing care. I was given a consult for therapy to this one place. They worked with me for 16 weeks and I can walk with  some discomfort 5% and sitting for long periods of 30 mins or more or standing causes pain to my back. My doctor gave me a consult for therapy for my knee. The therapist treated me for 8 weeks 2 days a week. I can know walk up and down stairs without assistance. My continued back problems still plague me. My doctor set me up with a consult for therapy for my hip. I delivered the document to the therapist and they said they would contact me for a schedule. A week later I saw them and they said No therapy needed. Weeks went by and a visit with my doctor about my back and he issued a consult for therapy on my back. I delivered the document to the therapist and they said I WILL be contacted for schedule. The call never came. They must have decided it wasn't needed. I take Oxycodone and hydrocodone, Tramadol to try to manage my pain. Lifting anything over 10lbs repeatedly irritates my back. I have to layback for hours.I place a call the the insurance adjuster and left him a long detailed message. Crux "I need a referral to the Irvine Spine Center for an evaluation of my back to see if I am a candidate for this out patient procedure that could stop my pain TODAY and hopefully get back to work at my full duty as I was before the fall. My employer needs me and I need to be there. I told my employer I want to return to work, I'd do any kind of work that contributes for the $12 per hour I'd earn.I'm post USAF 12 years Ssgt My duty is to my employer. I'm not a slacker I give 110% always.I know my pleas make my position stronger, continued scheduled doctor visits MUST me met and continue doing the exercise I can do regularly also helps my case.Now you have background 3 questions The weekly rate of disability, will it stay the same? $1157 every two weeks? And for how long of a duration? What can I do to get this consult with a spine specialist to see if I will ever have the chance to be normal? I need these answers to be ready for my future.

  • Aren # -

    helped a lot but ive been searching for a video that atleast show's some people already got their money so i can have a picture in my mind how big or small maney worths my case

  • الرأي الاخر -

    I am a Moroccan man I did start working with Firestone tires on 5/9/14 everything was good.. 2 weeks before Christmas of 2015 I lost half of my index finger was service called .. I got some money back for it .. Then I have 2 back accidents my boss was an ass about them he refused to turn it in .. I did fight with him about the last one on 11/11/15 because was hurt so bad couple month later I got fired when I was still on 25ib lifting and I am still on medication my back still hurt so bad .. I did called the state of SD and they are doing investigation since 2/6/16 .. I don't know what to do… I never get any $ even I did miss a lot days at work because of my back .. My boss was an ass to me all the time .. He called names … He said don't like people like me .. Write me up with no reason.. Some can do anything but me always treating me to get fired I did called HR and email them no one do nothing .. He make lift even I was 25ib.. Then 2/6/26 I got fired

  • Frank Loose -

    Hello Scott, I invite you watch the first two Investigative Report Interviews I am giving the Media at this time. I was crushed by a forklift at work when the operator ran over me – then shifted into reverse and backed up over me. One day following my most recent surgery, I was issued a Letter of Removal. The manager penning the letter used the dates I had submitted Notification of Absence Forms, approved in advance by management. Despite repeated attempts to submit the copies I hold I was told "Do what you have to do – we're going to bankrupt you." After you take in the interviews, I invite you to contact me to discuss. Keep the Faith, Frank

  • Sam Gh -

    does a workman's comp case in different state show up on your record like would it be hard for someone to get hired at a new job?

  • Terrie Schropp -

    Hi, I'm from Toledo Ohio. I was injured at work in 1992, I'm on PTD and now I want to settle my claim. My attorney that represented me since approx. 2003 isn't being much help anymore. He received $10,000.00 when I won my PTD and I thought he was still my attorney continuing but maybe I'm wrong. I've had 2 LSA's totaling $62,000.00.I filed the LSS on my own for $178,000.00 recently . What are my chances of receiving the LSS and how long does it take? Thanks! (I'm 50 yrs old and I've had 3 major spinal surgeries and I rely on pain meds through pain management for the rest of my life. I only settled on the indemnity.)

  • Fabricio Davila -

    I have a question. I just had my QME evaluation done yesterday and the QME doctor feels that I will  likely have permanent disability to my lower back. Now that the QME is done, how long will it take to settle my case? Are my TTD payments going to stop? The QME doctor did not say I would return to work on light or modified duties. My lawyer office is giving me no straight answer. Already my TTD payments is 4 days late even before going to see the QME doctor? I have no clue of where my case is at and what to expect. Can anyone answer my questions please? Thank you

  • Blessing -

    Dear may I ask you a question please
    i am writing from japan
    I got Sold Out By my Law i did fired him and I have a new one that willl report him to the Bar associtaion.
    Since 18/02/2013 to 02/05 2016 I am still in a Medical Treatment i have to go a monthly to 4 doctor to check Up and rehabilitation
    Knee cant recover,Sciatic Pain.

    Employeer hasnt any Insurance and mitigate in a Discrimination and delay and deny to supply any documents to SSDI.
     the general contractor had mitigated during 7 months to sign the Accident reports work compensation.
    Employeer did pay money from pocket during 3 months 60% of my Salary Only.
    after 3 months I did apply i fill a claim to have the work compensation .
    I did expent all my savings money for pay the Bills
    I got Hurt in a Work site house demolition
    cracked fibula i had had many medical malpractice
    I got a knee surgery arthroscopy
    today i have a Osteoarthritis, bone bruise, patello femural syndrome , Sciatic nerve damages , Spine L5 damages , and still need go to doctor orthopaedic and Neurologist and a cardiac doctor ,
    sciatic nerve damage,
    all Illness well documented in MRI and Xray and doctor physical check Up and medical exames laboratory.
    from the SSDI doctor I got a grade 12 trouble in one of three inferior members <?>
    misdiagnoses .
    I already fill a claim to reduce it to grade 1 or 5 this talk about Sciatic nerves
    I am trying to reduce de impairment degree and get may be a retirement
    Than I was receiving a salary of 260.00$ $ a monthmployer and
    what kind crime the employer and the general contractor did ?
    how much i can think in receive as a general Indemnity ??
    thanks alot God Bless You
    Best regards

  • calvin Calhoun -

    My husbands company seems to be doing all the right things… but there is a dash cam video that I can not get my hands on… I have read that a company does not have to have the video after 30 days… I just txt the VP requesting that video today is sat the 30th day I hope they have it… Do you think it is important to a TBI to have that tape for the long run? Do you think that my request via txt will help?

  • Guy Smiley -

    Why isn't the time a person needs to go to the Dr. compensated? If you are injured at work why shouldn't you get paid for your time to get physical therapy?

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