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Workers’ Compensation Deposition Preparation and General Overview-Los Angeles workers comp Attorney

Workers’ Compensation Deposition Preparation and General Overview-Los Angeles workers comp Attorney

The information in this video applies generally to Workers Compensation depositions and may vary based on the facts of your case. Any questions or concerns, feel free to call. MB&A is here to help bring “Recovery to the injured.”


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  • Towanna Crawley -

    I wished I had seen this just before my depo!!!
    I recently had a deposition and I was in so much pain that I couldn't even think! In the pain question I didn't give all the pain and disfunction I have. Due to nervousness and pain I couldn't pull anything out of my brain! I feel like such an idiot for going brain dead that day!
    Oh well it is what it is. My injuries have completely destroyed my life and I would be answering those question all day. Lol

  • liquidx831 -

    I have been injured at work, I have a herniated disc on my lower back. I'm on light duty. how ever my employer tries to tell me where I can go during lunch. I am parked at public parking yet they ask me to park 5 blocks away from the job site. Do I have to listen to them on my unpaid lunch? can they fire me for not doing so? thank you

  • b lemon -

    Thanks…I'm a talker I figured the more they knew the better. You made your point don't volunteer, clarify or verify and most importantly..HONESTY. Thanks again great advice!

  • Dora Cruz -

    I wish you were my lawyer unfortunately I'm in texas and your in california I had a lawyer and he withdrawal after 8 months now they tell me they going to take this – case to a judge I don't know if this is good or bad ? I really don't know what to do

  • Money Maker -

    Thanks for the vid, I have a question. I have already been to one deposition  a year n half ago. That was my first one. I have another one next month. Why are they having another one on me?

  • dudenamaste -

    Wow! You're awesome. What if one starts a case with a lawyer that's not doing such a great job (in NJ). Can lawyers be changed in the middle of the case?

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