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Your Law – Paralegals

Your Law – Paralegals

Paralegals can offer legal services in certain areas, such as small claims court, traffic court, tribunal work and minor criminal matters. Julia Bass of the Law Society of Upper Canada, and paralegals Michelle L. Haigh and Shelina Lalji. explain how paralegals can help you in these matters.


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  • Mel -

    I'm going to college for a paralegal program. I just graduated University in 2017 but found it hard to get into law school…going the paralegal route, practice for a few years, and then apply for law school again. If I were rich I'd attend law school in the UK or Australia (I've been accepted to a few law schools there).

    Sucks that I have to take the long route but I want nothing more than to become a lawyer. I still think paralegal is a good career.

  • Juelann49 -

    The Paralegal Scope of Practice covers FAR more than simply the Highway Traffic Act; although HTA is most known for using paralegals, in fact, ALL Provincial Offences that are prosecuted under the Provincial Offences regime (Act) may be represented by a Paralegal: namely-Part I  Certificate of Offences and/or Part III Summons. (along with Part II parking infractions)

    Some of those the public may not be aware of would be :

    Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act
    Employment Standards,
    Environmental Protection Act,
    Health Protection and Promotion Act,
    Fire Protection and Prevention Act,
    Forest Fires Prevention Act,
    Dog Owners Liability,
    Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act,
    Fish & Wildlife Conservation Act,
    Farm Products Grades & Sales Act,
    Liquor License Act,
    Motorized Snow Vehicle Act,
    Occupational Health & Safety Act,
    Off-Road Vehicles Act,
    Ontario Water Resources Act,
    Pesticides Act,
    Provincial Parks Act,
    Public Lands Act,
    Tobacco Control Act,
    Trespass To Property Act, &
    Truck Transportation Act.

    When one thinks of Paralegals and "boards, tribunals and commissions" – this is deemed "administrative law"; and the scope of practice entails not just the more familiar Landlord & Tenant Board, but also …

    Ontario Human Rights Tribunal,
    Workplace Safety and Insurance Board, & Workplace Safety & Appeals Tribunal,
    Ontario Labour Relations Board,
    Ontario Racing Commission,
    Ontario License Appeal Tribunal
    Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs Tribunal, … name a few. … in fact, a paralegal may provide legal services in proceedings appearing before ANY tribunal established under an Act of the Legislature of Ontario (provincial) OR under and Act of Parliament (federal) .. as per By-law 4 of the LSUC.

    As to Small Claims-; a non-criminal mechanism- (action) where one party is suing for private relief for either money or return of property.  The monetary jurisdiction in Small Claims is $25,000, not including interest and costs.

    Those appearing in the Ontario Court of Justice on Summary Conviction charges under the Criminal Code of Canada may also be represented by a competent paralegal.

    Hiring a Paralegal is an option to self-representation — and allows for better Access to Justice for the public.


  • Law Society of Ontario -

    We're sorry to hear you feel frustrated. If you decide you'd like to make a complaint, you can find information on our website. On the home page, you'll see a menu in the top right of your screen. Click on "Make a Complaint" to learn how.

  • layla portillo -

    On top of all of what they have done, they are charging me outstanding fees for the ticket and they have provided me horrible customer service. After all of this I called to complain, because I know they only had 15 days to file the ticket to court, and the Paralegal tells me that I should take care of that with his assistant the next day, and he hung up on my face very UNPROFESIONAL I called back and he didn't want to answer the phone he also told me that I did not have to go back to his office

  • layla portillo -

    I hired a paralegal for a G1 Unaccompanied. He did not file anything to court until 43 days later! Telling me he had 45 days to file it in. I got convicted $115 +4points+suspension. Now he says he will reopen the case and fight for it. Many tell me that's just a waste of time and many paralegals do not handle re-openings. He ruined my record for negligence of the practice. Should I sue them? Write a complaint to law society of upper Canada? Withdraw the services from them? PLEASE HELP!!

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